With Tinypesa you can

  • Get paid directly to your M-Pesa or bank account from any online platform.

  • Have one link that gets you paid instantly via mobile money.

  • Integrate payments for your website or any third party software in under under 5 minutes once registered.

  • Make it easier for customers to pay you or supporters to fund your cause.


Simply click on the "Get Tinypesa account" button above, fill in the details for registration.Once approved you will receive a link on your email that you can send to anyone for payments.

Individuals, merchants and developers. Virtually anyone who needs to get paid or raise money,Tinypesa is for you.

A working Till number, Paybill or a bank account and valid ID.

We do not hold any of your funds as they move directly from one account to the other thus the money remains safe in the stipulated channels.